You can create Vivid.JS bundle with your own set of custom SVG Icons. Want to know how?

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Ready to use Free and Open Source SVG Icons Pack JavaScript Library.

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Why Vivid.js?

90+ Icons

Vivid.js have 90+ pixel perfect and hand crafted ready to use icons. *Request for new icons are also accepted.

Easy to Use

An icon can easily be used and its size along with colors can be customized with data-vi attributes.


Vivid.js is super lightweight and minified version equals around just half size of the original SVG icons.

Vivid.js Icon Style

You can easily find all the available icons at Vivid.js Cheatsheet

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Add Icon

An SVG Icon from Vivid.js icons library can be easily included using the syntax <i data-vi="icon-name"></i> , where icon-name is replaced by the unique name of the respective icon.

Check out the icon reference cheatsheet to find and use the needed icons.

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Customize Icon

Each Icon can be customized in terms of size and colors.

Add data-vi-size="number" data attribute to i element to customize size of the icon.

Add data-vi-primary="#hexcode" data attribute to i element to customize the primary color of the icon.

Add data-vi-accent="#hexcode" data attribute to i element to customize the accent color of the icon.

Add data-vi-prop="#hexcode" data attribute to i element to customize the prop color of the icon.

The colors and size of the entire Vivid.js Icons library can also be changed globally via src/config.js file and compiling again.

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