Mobikul Standalone POS

Perfect Retail Solution

Mobikul Standalone POS is meant to cater the day to day need of the POS management system. This type of POS doesn’t require any sort of server to extract the data. There is no dependency on the website. The customer can now download the code here from Git Hub and start using the same on their mobile devices.

Point of Sale


  • Add products
  • Track Inventory
  • Manage Categories
  • Generate Barcode
  • Product Option
  • Product Taxes
Product Management


  • Opening Balance
  • Closing Balance
  • Revenue Report
  • Net Revenue
Cashier Management

Easy Checkout

  • Add Product to Cart
  • Apply Discount
  • Choose Customer
  • Payment Mode
  • Print Invoice
  • Hold Cart
Easy Checkout
Mobile Tablet Supported Multi Lingual & Currency Support Order Managment Import / Export Data Barcode Scan, Search feature Add Custom Product Manage User Account Import / Export Data

Why Mobikul Standalone POS only?

Compatible With

Compatible With

4.2 and up App Size 5 MB

Free Update

We Provide Regular Update Of Our Products To Make Them Compatible As Per The Current Requirement.

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