a [μ] microInteraction library built with CSS Animations and controlled by JavaScript Power

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Why [μ] micron?

Add Interaction

Choose from ready to use [μ] interactions and add a ‘click’ interaction just using data-micron

Bind Interaction

An element's interaction can easily bind with another element's ‘click’ with data-micron-bind="true"

Control Interaction

Interaction behaviours like effect, speed and ease can be controlled using data-attributes

[μ] Interactions


Add Interaction

Easily add an interaction to the DOM element with data attributes. You can add the click interaction to every element whether it's Button, SVG or a Paper.

Add Interaction to the element with data-micron="interaction"

Control Interaction's duration with data-micron-duration="number"

Control Interaction's timing-function with data-micron-timing="type"

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Bind Interaction

Easily bind an interaction defined on DOM element to a different DOM element with just two data attributes.

Add data-micron-bind="true" & data-micron-id="name" to the triggering element, and interaction will be applied to the element which reference to the defined id attribute.

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Access Anywhere

Call micron chained methods to apply interactions to any DOM Element, right in your custom block of JavaScript Code.


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