CSS Spinners and Loaders - Modular, Customizable and Single HTML Element Code

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Spinner Round
<div class="cp-spinner cp-round"></div>
Spinner Pinwheel
<div class="cp-spinner cp-pinwheel"></div>
Spinner Balls
<div class="cp-spinner cp-balls"></div>
Spinner Bubble
<div class="cp-spinner cp-bubble"></div>
Spinner Flip
<div class="cp-spinner cp-flip"></div>
Spinner Hue
<div class="cp-spinner cp-hue"></div>
Spinner Skeleton
<div class="cp-spinner cp-skeleton"></div>
Spinner Eclipse
<div class="cp-spinner cp-eclipse"></div>
Spinner Boxes
<div class="cp-spinner cp-boxes"></div>
Spinner Morph
<div class="cp-spinner cp-morph"></div>
Spinner Heart
<div class="cp-spinner cp-heart"></div>
Spinner Meter
<div class="cp-spinner cp-meter"></div>

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